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The next update adds a lot more interaction in the levels and fixes minor glitches that affected gameplay.

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Warning: This game deals with a lot of adult orientated themes.
"A Demon's Game" is an attempt at recreating atmospheric horror in it's best form.
The game is meant to be taken slow. Explore, discover and immerse yourself in the storyline of the game.
The game automatically adapts to the things you do, there is also multiple ways of exit in some levels.

WASD- Movement
Spacebar- Jump
E- Use
C- Crouch
F- Flashlight

If you find any issues with the game please do report them to me so I can update the demo.

Known issues:

-No resolution options
-No gamma options

Change log:

TL:DR- Polishing was done.

Gerenal Changes:
-Started using 4 new note textures!
-5 new fonts for notes were added
-Changed Vincent, Markus and Dave's font and texture.
-Having fixed the text interactions I now added in more objects for the user to interact with in all levels.
-Increased the Font size for the notes.
-The Eater now has sounds associated to him!
-Fixed the player going through the ceiling when jumping in the doorframe.

-Added in 10 new text interactions.
-Fixed a note showing the wrong text (again).

-Added in 23 new interactions.
-Made the lights go off trigger bigger.
-Fixed Exit 2 being switched with Exit 3. (Easter egg is now accessible!)
-Reduced music volume.
-Fixed a missing texture.
-Reduced the time Objectives are on screen.
-Fixed some actions being usable twice.
-Fixed a glitch causing the hand icon to show but nothing usable was there.

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