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‘Dushan was dead. A skulk got him near the shuttle doors, and now Steve and I were the only ones left. “Get to the control room!” I called out. “Wait, we need weapons, follow me!” Together, we ran across the landing pad to a pile of weapons that had spilled out of the shuttle. I grabbed a shotgun, and Steve a flamethrower. As we picked them up, the sound of Skulk claws on metal rang out. “The control room! Go go!” Inside, we crouched behind the control panels. They were coming.’

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Steve diving into the Last Stand code

The first Last Stand play-test went much better than expected. The basics worked: Aliens insta-spawn and then flow through the map to the marine fortress area. Throughout the day a few more features were added: Stationary damaged Exosuits placed in semi-vulnerable positions will create powerful defenses for the marines, but won't be able to cover all directions.

An early version of the Last Stand mapping guide

Maps are a crucial part of Last Stand, and their layouts will determine how fun the mod is to a significant degree. Olmy and Jonacrab are cranking on two maps: Hangar and and as yet unnamed map loosely based on the Docking landing pad. User interface, balance, and many more features still to come!

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