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News and update about the new things that we are doing in the game,some exterior work,and some great and cool features.

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Time for another new super dev update!

Here we are with another update showing the new and great things of this game.

- We start working in the exterior level,the intro and the first part of the game.

03 2

- And we made even more improvements in the game engine like the add of a Lens Flare system.

04 1

- We also made serious game performance updates so you can run very well the game in every system that you have.


- We develop more in depth the game story and we give a very good motive to the player so you can have a more immersive experience.


- And we made some work in new shader effects that make every part of the game stands out and shine.

05 2

- New decals system that optimize the game even more without losing any detail.


- New lighting system more optimized and with more quality based in lightmaps and some dynamic lights and dynamic illumination.


- New ambient sounds and dynamic sound effects that make the experience always change every time that you play the game.

08 1

And of course we don't forget the interior work of the factory and we add some new cool features, decals, effects, models, and even more, that make the place live and breath horror from every corner.

01 2

- And we have tons of more new things to show,like the new door transition mode like the good old survival horror games.

02 2

But for now that is all,good friends of CatGazing Studios!

We hope that you are excited about the game as much as we do,and stay tuned for the great news,trailers,screens,and more to come in the follow months.


Nice scenes guys, btw can you tell me how are you using the Darkplaces engine? I mean, tutorials, what tools, model formats, exporters, etc? I don't seam to find any good documentation in how to use it.

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Hello Argoon, sorry for my english:
Darkplaces engine is -basically- quake engine with more features. So if you want to work with darkplaces you must to know how quake (and quake mods) works :)

- Maps: For maps we are using q3bsp format (quake 3 arena bps). We are using Quake army knife (QUARK) and q3map2.
- Models: Darkplaces support many formats, but currently we are using only MD3 models. We are not using many models, I made some low-poly models using blender, after you can export it to md3.
- Code: Qc compilation is done with fteqcc.
- TO work in the game textures are tga, jpg and dds. In the final release the game will contain only dds (we are using Gimp to edit and quark to export to dds).


-Bassicaly we are using the same format of quake 3 arena maps (with some differences in shaders). You can find many tutorials to make it :) I can suggest you xonotic and old nexuiz forums (and obiously quake3world.com).

- Qc: qc is the language of the game logics, (and menu) in darkplaces. The site to learn qc is insideqc.com (check forums and qctut sections, there is a lot of qc documentation)

Resume: Darkplaces is not so well documented but you can learn from this sites:






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Your English is fine and thanks for the links i will see what i can do with it. :)

Good luck with your game.

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More Quake-c resources:

Celephais.net - func_msgboard forums
Quakeone.com - Quakeone forums
Sourceforge.net - Sourceforge QC mail list
Moddb.com - .QC forums

Keep up the great effort!

-Support free code by Six gaming on Patreon: Patreon.com

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JerooCabrera Author

Thanks for the good comments and the quake sources for everyone that needed,but please avoid spam in our page,thanks! :)

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