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I released a cyberpunk-themed adventure game which requires deductive process to proceed.

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itch.io Free Download: Jungwooyom.itch.io

Indie DB Page: Indiedb.com

Hello! I am a student game developer and I released my third game, Tracing.

1  City

Tracing is a cyberpunk-themed detective, puzzle, and adventure game. In the game, the government is trying to incinerate invaluable materials in order to extended their period of power. You and your team have to save those materials and copy them to optical discs.

2  Database

You should infer the location of the materials through searching government database with keywords based on traces you have.

Some deductive process is required to get the crucial hint about the location. Since there are no map markers or dotted lines, you'll have to wander around the city to find the location.

3  Drones

You should be aware of police drones as they are going to arrest you in certain situation.

I developed this game for 8 months and it was a good experience! Many games these days consider finding path as dull process and often ignored by using map markers and dotted lines. I think finding path in game is a really fun thing to do! so I made a game about finding path. I hope you enjoy playing Tracing!

You can download Tracing in its Indie DB page or this link: Jungwooyom.itch.io

7  Nightview

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