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A unique AI-assisted interactive experience that makes the audience co-authors of their own story. What story will you reveal?

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let us ask you a question. What if there was a better way to play? With "H2O: A Drop in the Ocean" an interactive experience assisted by artificial intelligence, entertainment has never been better or more unique. A choose-your-own-adventure or a traditional adventure game has an event network: click here, this happens. And the same thing happens every time you click or go to that page number. What if none of that were true? What if there was no network anymore? What if instead of a branching, but still on-the-rails story, one could freely explore a veritable sea of possibilities? With H2O: A Drop in the Ocean one can do just that. No two play-throughs are the same. The audience becomes a co-author of their own experience as they interact with the AI and the AI learns from them.

The AI does not replace the writer. That would be just silly. The AI takes the writer's many ideas and serves these ideas to the audience. One never has to decide what to write about and if someone in the audience did not like how the story turned out, one can always just play it again. What story will you reveal?

With this work, its author became fascinated about our world enveloped in water. Engulfed as it were in the subterfuge of untold numbers of tiny droplets. So. Write a poetic essay around this topic. Build out a system of interaction for unprecedented audience co-authorship. Mix the two and stir in some mischief for good measure. What, we yearned to know, would playing this spinning crystal ball be like?

It is cross-platform, will operate on any device that supports Google Chromium: Android, iOS, PC (Windows or Linux) or Mac.

Our press kit can be found at this URL:


We are looking to build an audience who would play and spread the word. For a limited time one can sign up to play for free here:


We would love it if you join us!

Until soon,

-- the H2O Writer AI team

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