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A classical survival horror HD trailer. DEMO COMING SOON. An UDK project by titobruni.

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A classical survival horror.


thanks a lot!

a classical survival horror
an UDK project by titobruni

art design & 3D models by titobruni
textures, lighting & animations by titobruni
original final videogame music by Christian Massanella

Oliver Bolstovski
Maria Perez de Guzman
Hanna Hadman
Miguel Sanchez

UDK sript programming by titobruni
Henry´s Head Art Desing by esteban vidal
written & directed by titobruni.

titobruni isn´t a trademark. It´s only a child infront a new SPECTRUM 48K! Proyectofalconcrest.blogspot.com

a classical survival horror

Theon - - 712 comments

Why is the framerate so horrid?
It look completely unplayable.

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titobruni Author
titobruni - - 169 comments

I dont know!... ingame it´s ok anyway! it´s a problem with UDK and video record...

see you and thanks!

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Holy ****! You've come a long way since I helped you translate some of the Batman game you made. I already liked that one, but you are really pro now!

I see the framerate issues and I wonder if maybe too many meshes use dynamic shadows? Anyway, this is looking great, considering its mostly you who worked on it. And knowing how much work it is to create models for UDK that look good and have no errors, I can only pay my respect!

What confused me a little was the sometimes heavy DOF and sometimes no DOF at all. I am guessing however, that some of these sequences are more like dreams or nightmares, so they have to look different than "real" reality.

Keep it up, looks amazing. I can hardly believe you made all this! Great job!

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titobruni Author
titobruni - - 169 comments

ey thanks a lot! I continue working at all!

see you!

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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

yes the frame rate in the video doesn't do your hard work justice, are your pc specs rather low?

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titobruni Author
titobruni - - 169 comments

when I use Camstudio to rec, the videos always are slower.. I don´t know why! sorry for the rate in the video!

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