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Update on game development. Vids and picks. Rearing with content!

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Plane controls have gotten as good as we can get them before multiplayer. They are responsive and the maneuvering is good. The next part is to figure out how much or little climbing power and speed they get. This is best tested when you’re getting shot at. Level design also plays a factor in this.

We have moved on to the helicopter controls. Early controls pancaked most of us into the ground a lot when you tried to aim and move at the same time . Now there is less pancaking and we are working on the aiming. (These vids are of builds a couple of weeks old, with pancaking control schemes)

We are going to be integrating out first map proper map into the game shortly. Its a work in progress as everything else right now, but it did bring up a special topic to discuss.
Level design needed some serious decisions on a specific feature. We all flung several examples around during the meeting. Analysed google metrics. Spent several afternoons collecting public opinion on the high street. Called for input from friends and relatives (including all our exes). All of this resulted in finding out that 5 of us had more children than expected AND that we finally decided on the art style for some more rocks.


It was clear that Type 3 solids beat out the Type 6 competition.
So yay! We got more rocks!




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