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Last days we finished the biggest update for Gloria Victis so far, which improves or fully rebuilds almost every aspect of the game! We would like to thank all of you who support us and had been waiting patiently for the update.

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The most time was taken by implementing articy:access, but now, with the system in use ‒ all other systems now work better together along with the database. Due to the implementation, we have committed a serious database revision and reorganisation to make its usage more efficient. Along with articy:access, there was a need to make other systems fit the new overlay, and that is why we had to rewrite the systems all over again. Such activity took us about 80% of the time spent on the update, however it will significantly boost the speed of work in the future.

First, and most important of all ‒ we have rebuilt the combat system. Written from scratch once again, it has now a variety of statistics and relations between them. The next system on our list is the hit detection system ‒ it is now faster and more accurate. We cannot miss out the mob looting system as well. Due to swapping all animations to new, “motion-captured” ones ‒ a new character controller has been added ‒ control over the character is now more smooth and natural. We also redesigned from scratch the third-person camera, display of information system, aiming with camera at interactive objects and the minimap. We have also prepared some basics to greet the guild system (invitations, guild management) in Gloria Victis soon. We have also added new elements of equipment to introduce a heraldry system to you. Due to a new storyline, all dialogues have been remade under supervision of professionals. Talking with NPCs is temporarily disabled due to the dialogue system being rewritten.

The next modification that took us quite a while was implementing a dedicated system of dynamic object loading. It significantly lowers RAM usage and allows us to create vast fields and whole, large maps, e.g. the new map we have prepared just for you. Bigger, better, designed to hold future battles and sieges ‒ all that without showing you even a glimpse of the loading screen. Additionally, models and textures have been optimized to match new requirements and their resolutions have been increased. Environment colour scheme and camera effects have been improved as well. Range of vision has been doubled and the particle system got improved as well (e.g. bonfires). Game registration system has been improved as well.
Of course, these are not all the changes the update includes, however the rest is not significant enough to be mentioned here. You can read the full changelog here:

We would also like to encourage you to promote Gloria Victis on mmorpg.com. It is an honour for us to hold such a score in such a prestigious ranking. You can help us by leaving your vote on the site. To vote, you simply have to register an account and activate it (by writing a single post at www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/896/view/forums/forum/1432/General-Discussion.html and waiting 24 hours), and then click Cast Hype at Mmorpg.com . It will allow us to reach a wider range of people, which will greatly raise Gloria Victis’ chances of becoming a global success.

Naturally, an update also means a bunch of new screenshots. This time we decided to try our luck against a bandit chieftain together with the members of Ventus guild.

Full gallery at:

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