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This is a weekly update on what's new about our game after the busy development during 4/2-4/8. In general, we tuned parameter, changed background and added some new functionality to weapon and shield!

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What's New?

In the last week, we made effort in tuning parameters, changing game background and selection page, and adding some new functionality to weapon and shield. The updates in our polish version are listed as follow:

  • Redesign the game scene background - it is dynamic now!
  • Redesign and re-implement the shield functionality. Now the shield can automatic defend for your team!
  • Change the character selection page to a ready page - no character selection in this version
  • Tune parameter (e.g. player speed, cd time of shield, damage of shooting and ramming)
  • By tuning parameter, we make the game longer (around 2 min per round)
  • Change the ladder sprite
  • Change the game title in main menu page
  • Add a "Station Change" pop-up when stations are about to change
  • Speed up victory animation
  • Add laser cannon mechanism - Everytime you get hit
  • Bug fixing

What's the Motivation?

We would like to have you discuss with us on how to improve our game! To share our opinion, we listed the motivation on why we made these changes here. Note that each bullet point corresponds to a point in the 'what's new' section:

  • We are still working on making our art style consistent.
  • The preview image of this article is a screenshot of our current player selection page - looks better, huh?
  • Playtest shows that people are now less likely to use the shield, and are crazy about dashing all the time - so we made the shield more powerful to rebalance the game.
  • Same reason as above - rebalance the game.
  • When we were playing Super Smash Bros together this week, we realized how could controller vibration be a big plus to player experience - so there we go!
  • Playtesters were sometimes unaware of the current signal of station change and they were like what's up when station change happens. We would like to give a clear notice of station change.
  • Rotation when getting hit makes things more realistic.
  • The other submarine now explodes when you defeat them! Let's celebrate the victory!
  • Professionalism!
  • We would like to remind players when ammo runs out.
  • Professionalism! And we know it looks weird in alpha version when the game starts from a character selection page...
  • Playtesters are crazy about colliding with teammates and getting dizzy - so we removed this feature
  • Technical soundness!

What's Next?

We are planning to have the following changes:

  • Further improve the aesthetics of the game to make sure the game style looks consistent
  • Add more environment objects and terrains
  • Make the shield bouncing effect more juicy
  • Tune parameters based on playtest feedbacks

Thank you for visiting our site and please look forward to our gold version on 4/21!

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