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Post news RSS 4/15/2019 Polish iteration

One more iteration till release! More iterations and improvements since the last.

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New Features:

At this point we are not trying to bringing in too many new features, but we still have a few exciting features to introduce!


- Added starting scene, now the first player can choose either to enter the tutorial or start directly. - Added the starting animation to further explain the background. Now the ghost will fly out of four pirates.


- Added a "mask" collectable, which is a mushroom. When the fish ate it, it would change into any possible sprite (fish food, bubble, mushroom, star...).

Plz dont ask why there is a mushroom in the sea.


Tweaks & Balance:

- Reduce text in the tutorial scene. Also makes the text larger.

- More sprites in the sea to make it feel less empty.


- Add the background music to choosing color scene and tutorial scenes. Improve other background music; Balance the sound effect for collecting items.

- Five-second count down improvement


- Fix bugs in tutorial scene. (E.g. fish sprite may change direction when it changes direction)

Existing bugs:

- Diving debug. (Diving may stuck / out of scene)

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