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This week we have some more 3d models and little study we put together to specially test out lighting and layout for the house. Also, as always one more mechanic study, this time is a little more complex having it simulate a really simple puzzle that utilizes our main mechanics.

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To start of well, our developer has made a very small puzzle study, that’s uses most of our main mechanics. Of course, is still very raw, but programming wise speaking is a great to have it working currently.

You can see on the puzzle that the character is trying to make a key that is present in the past available in the present. Since there is a piece of furniture in the past that is still present in the current house. The player can try putting the key inside one of its drawers. Then the key can be found in the present alongside the furniture and can be used to open a door that previously was locked.

Also, this week we made a study with some of the 3d models made and some textures found online to test some layout of the house and study lighting. For this we simulated the house in the 90s, with a more abandoned look, since we haven’t modelled all the furniture or made any of the textures yet.

House02 House03

House04 House05

House06 House07


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