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3D Model of the character viewable in the ego Perspective (partially animated) and also added Volumetric light into the graphic settings.

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It is a while since i postet any news on the developement process of Celerity.
I'm still working on this game in my spare time. Of course i'm very busy (mainly school) which means that i havn't as much time for the developement as i want. (There are also days were i simply can't work on the game because i'm very tired and don't have any power to open game maker and work on the GML syntax any more.)

So here are the updates:

This video shows the 3D character model of the character which was imported int the game.
Because the Game MAker doesn't support Skelletal animation, i can only use the "frame by frame" Method. This means each animation frame of the character is an own model which is imported into the game. At the beginning i had a lot of trouble because of the loading times, but after converting the models into Game Makers native Model format, the loading times aren't a problem anymore. Of course i must be carefull with the amount of used v-ram.
(I also exercised a bit in blender with animations as you may notice XD)


This update is an implementation of Volumetric light in Game Maker.
What else i have to say? It runs pretty smoothly on my machine at 60 FPS.
There is also the possibility to set different parameters like quality, intensity,
size, etc... through inis making it perfectly customizable.

Well i hope you enjoyed this updates.



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This looks sick!

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Looks nice. If its possible try to interpolate between the keyframes for a more smooth animation, especially for the jump. Unless you want to keep that look.
Best regards
- Martin

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