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New world procedural generation: 30 new buildings, 50 vegetations, ruins and rocks, biomes, all textures are also now in HD with a better camera rendering. Welcome to the future!

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Version 0.8 is coming soon! 100 new game design and architecture elements have been added to the world generation, and the year 3571's atmosphere is better than ever: Mutant luminescent vegetation, old rusty buried ruins, bushes... Let's have a look at the new Earth.

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More variety means better game stories! Each time you generate a new world, you create unique procedural and random micro-zones : towns, forests, deserts, beaches, rocky mountains... Each zone have it's unique structure, resources and dangers.

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A savage forest biome:

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An urban biome:

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The game now counts more than 80 different building types: caverns, broken buildings, castles, wooden houses, medieval and futuristic houses... And you can explore or inhabit all of them. Like this old abandoned dark tower:

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All environment textures are now in HD too! I had to start most of the images again from scratch. With the new camera and lighting settings, I am very happy with the result:

User Posted Image
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I particularly like these new luminescent mutant lifeforms from our future. The game is getting definitely more sci-fi, without losing it's medieval touch as humanity have lost all technology in the year 3571 ( unfortunately this is not true for the evil droid army )

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You will also meet more people, animals and droids outside in the different biomes, and frequent encounters while travelling will create new stories, missions and fights every day.

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Version 0.8 will not only include vehicles, but also make the game enter a new era, with boosted atmosphere, gameplay and storytelling. I can't wait to publish the next version of 3571 The Game. See you soon in the future, and thanks for reading!

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