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version 3.16 open beta released. It is a full version free to play. It might still have some bugs, so play with patience.

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Version 3.16 is released as an open beta.

A wolfpack hunting

v3.16 (beta) windows
UnReal World RPG v3.16 (beta) windows

v3.16 (beta) linux
UnReal World RPG v3.16 (beta) linux

v3.16 (beta) mac
UnReal World RPG v3.16 (beta) mac

Major new features are:

Smoother item handling user interface. For example, now you can easily select multiple items to drop or to move. Dragging items and many other tasks now require fewer keypresses, making the gameplay smoother.

Animals now need to eat. This effectively creates predator - prey relationships. Gregarious animals work as a herd, following their leader. Your pet dog will alert you if he detects wild animals approaching.

Improved saved map data maintenance, making the game running smoother for the long-lived characters. Njerpez war camp spawning got also balanced - now you'll encounter them only in the eastern part of the UnReal World.

For the full changelog see Jmp.fi
For more information about going license-free and donation based see Jmp.fi

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