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Post news RSS 30th May 2019 Update

A handful of bugs have been fixed in today's Jalopy update.

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Hello all,

We have a small Jalopy update for you today, which fixes some bugs.

30th May 2019 Patch Notes

  • Language select now has arrow prompts
  • Laika magazine modified in Portuguese to fit text better
  • Petrol station basket saving/loading revised preventing issues with disappearing inventory
  • Crowbar and car jack is now properly accessible in petrol stations
  • Traffic lights now change correctly when approached by player
  • Wallet in main menu shows correct value
  • AI vehicle braking power increased
  • When returning home, storage will no longer be destroyed
  • Void border around scrapyard/Petrol station fixed in route generation

We thank you all for your continued support - we of course are still listening to all of your feedback and further updates are on the way.

The Jalopy Team

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