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Another update for 3030 Deathwar Redux was released today! It includes lots of balancing changes, HUD overlay and gameplay tweaks, as suggested by our player community!

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Another update for 3030 Deathwar Redux was released today!

Besides some fixes, it includes lots of features that were suggested by the community.
Here's the full list of changes:

Features / Gameplay

  • More mission payout changes, balanced for effort & danger
  • Added new player health and shield HUD visualization
  • Added similar HUD visuals for other ships
  • Made HUD overlay map toggle-able by pressing 'C'
  • Added even more Resolution options
  • Made game detect and set right resolution automagically
  • Tweaking of travelling speeds and zoom levels
  • Added another batch of Steam Achievements

Fixes / Improvements

  • Fixed player upgrades not always being visible on station
  • Added more visual effects to some station screens
  • Made loading screens require key press or click to continue
  • Added zoom effects for docking/undocking
  • Fixed Hypergate animation length
  • Improved question box popup
  • Made JBO have lower health
  • Removed autofly upgrade from game
  • Fixed Kessel Run, and added 10 system reward
  • Fixed dialogue for Hiro+Ugan and 4332c
  • Fixed Upgrades releasing by experience
  • Made visited derelicts easier to distinguish
  • Improved mission description texts
  • Added a little gimmick to loading splash screen :)

The game is available on Steam here:

Full list of achievements can be viewed here:

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