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Want to get early access to the game? How will we release the new content? How much will it cost? Get all the info you need about the Early Access plans for 3:00am Dead Time in this new article

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Hi everyone!

A few days ago, 3:00am Dead Time was approved on Steam Greenlight and as we are now in the development of the first Early Access release, which will be distributed both through GameJolt and the Steam store, this is the perfect moment to talk about all the plans for the game, how it will be released through Early Access, the targeted prices and much more. Let's begin :


3:00am Dead Time is a big project, a long, story driven horror game for single and multiplayer, split in several Episodes to follow the format of a TV show. Each episode is a new story, with new characters, locations, paranormal events, creatures... each Episode is a new experience packed with tons of new content. But this also means that each episode takes its time to be fully developed. As we designed the game, we knew that the best way for us to improve the development speed and provide the content faster was to release the game in smaller portions, with shorter waiting times between these releases.

Following this idea, the Early Access for 3:00am Dead Time will receive new content in an episodic manner. The first Early Access release will be the Prologue to Episode 1, as well as a first Multiplayer mode. This first release will have a lot of new, unique content and a long gameplay value, and will be followed by the Investigation and Cooperative portions of Episode 1, which will provide even more content. Following this, every Episode will be released in a similar manner, Episode by Episode, while we also provide bug fixes, patches, improvements and apply your feedback between releases.

This will greatly reduce the waiting time before every release of new content, will allow you to enjoy the new Episodes in a far more regular way as well as more polished, since smaller releases will allow us to track and fix bugs more easily. This will also allow for a more direct response to all your feedback, letting you experience the game and give your thoughts as it progresses in development, try the new features, experience the story in a unique way and see first hand, without any delays and before anyone else all the mysteries and horrors hidden in the game.


For a limited time and limited to only a certain amount of copies, Early Access keys are available on our IndieGoGo campaign at a heavily discounted price.

  • For 15 USD you can get early access to all the episodes as well as a copy of the finished game on Steam, as soon as they are ready and available.
  • For 20 USD you can get Early Access to all the episodes as well as a copy of the final game on GameJolt (DRM-Free) AND Steam as soon as they are ready and available.

There are several more tiers and exclusive perks for funders, some even to become part of the game, as a unique NPC created with your likeness!

Once the campaign is over, the game's Early Access will be available for purchase directly through Steam and GameJolt. Buying the game while it is still in development will grant you early access to all the episodes the moment each one of them is ready.

  • The planned target price for the final version of the game on Steam is 25 USD. If you buy the game on Early Access, you will receive a 5 USD discount, being the planned Early Access price on Steam 20 USD.
  • The planned target price for the final version of the game on GameJolt is 30 USD. If you buy the game on Early Access, you will receive a 5 USD discount, being the planned Early Access price on GameJolt 25 USD.

* Why is the game more expensive on GameJolt?

The GameJolt version of the game is a DRM-Free version, with multiplayer being available only through LAN. To allow GameJolt customers to play the game online, a Steam key will be provided as well. Since GameJolt customers receive a Steam key as well as the DRM-Free version of the game, adding more value to the purchase, there is a slight price difference.

There is less than a month to go for the IndieGoGo campaign of 3:00am Dead Time, and the Early Access content is already being developed at full speed, packed with tons of new content and features. Get Early Access now, support greatly the development of the game, and be part of this horror adventure. And if you have any questions about the game, please leave them in the comments below, we'll be replying to all of them.

Thanks for reading, and have a good, scary night!

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