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In total, 30 changes will have been made to the game before the next release.

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In total, 30 changes will have been made to the game before the next release.
The following is a list of everything that will have changed in the next version of the game:

1. First Installer version of Novostrana.
2. Levelling and Stats have been completely overhauled.
3. A saved game auto-updater has been included.
4. All areas that were previously locked out are now accessible.
5. More areas have been added.
6. More quests have been added.
7. More NPCs have been added.
8. Can now check for updates.
9. New start and backstory implemented.
10. The game will now ask if you want to start the game in full screen mode.
11. A new credits script has been included with an up-to-date credits list.
12. Installed Blizz-ABS.
13. All Weapons and Armours have been rebalanced.
14. Fixed several issues with levelling-up.
15. Added new crafting system.
16. Added Dynamic Shop system.
17. Large pieces of dialogue have been split up a bit.
18. Tilesets should now work properly.
19. Fast Travel System added.
20. Banking System added.
21. Added new item limits system.
22. Documents system improved to show instructions text.
23. Item storage system added.
24. Night lighting has been rebalanced.
25. Shadows have been completely re-done.
26. Shadows can now be turned off.
27. A new game manual has been added.
28. An improved time system has been included, but not implemented yet.
29. Two "note" items have been converted to be viewed in the document viewer.
30. Items have been checked to make sure they can be used properly and whether they should be consumed or not.

It's a pretty long list, and some of the changes are quite complex, but we are just over half way through the list. Unfortunately, many of the items left on the list are quite tedious and time consuming, but we should have the next version ready for release by Christmas!
Some new pictures have been uploaded for you to view while you wait.

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