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Our small Indie Game department had a really exciting year.

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Our small Indie Game department had a really exciting year.

We don’t want to focus on the negative things of 2020 that impacted the whole world. We know how bad they are but we want to look back at the nice things of 2020.

The first one was in April 2020, when the Konrad’s Kittens Cat Theme Bundle was launched on PlayStation 4. This bundle packs together the game with 3 cute dynamic PlayStation background and 8 cute kitten avatars.

Cat fans can customize their PlayStation with this bundle and “catify” their UI.

At the same time, we lowered the price of the base game to $ 11.99 on PS4.

August the 4th was the next milestone. We released pixelBOT EXTREME! for the PlayStation 4 and had a blast test-playing it.

The game’s unique color-based shooting mechanics makes it feel like playing a mixture of Guitar Hero and Retro Sidecrolling Shooter.

The last week of August was our highlight of the year: Gamescom 2020

This time the game was a pure digital event that opened new ways for us to show our games.

We called out for Twitch-Streamer around our area. We found 11 they made a really great show! They played and streamed Potion Party, pixelBOT EXTREME! and Konrad’s Kittens every day during the whole show until late at night.

But the icing on the cake was, when IGN officially revealed the Potion Party trailer in the gamescom show.

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