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Change log from 0.069, added some screenshots from this version to a gallery here, mirrored this post on steam page

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Thanks for coming and checking out the progress on our first Game. We have made many changes and enhancements in the last 4 weeks. As detailed below, there are likely a few changes we missed as major changes were made to the system layout and an all new player interaction system.

The New Contextual Communications System will prompt you to press F, this is used for many things in the game. This will simplify interactions with NPC's and Stations, while also overhauling mining. The Mining is now a toggle on / toggle off type beam with all new Sounds.

New stations and planet rescales are already done for all Low orbit maps, but in the next release.

Change log Terran Ascension v0.069
* Planet Textures and scales updated in all Orbit Fold in Maps
* Sun Scale updated in Orbit Fold in and Low Orbit Maps
* All new Contextual based Communications system
(a) allows mining with asteroids of all three types. Science will also use this when implemented.
(b) allows interaction with shipyards, ore exchange, factories, labs, orbital platforms and Black Market Trader.
(c) Uses one Key "F" for all this
* New Stations added to all Planets, these now have basic texturing done
* New Shipyard added to Mars go there to Buy Ships (currently free, no checks in place)
* New Labs and factories added to all low Orbit maps
* Orbital Elevators Fixed and now making noises
* Black Market Trader Interaction area increased
* Orbital Elevators now have basic texturing
* T1 Hauler, T2 Hauler, Moth and Passenger Ship are all basic textured
* Police, Pirates and Black Market Trader all Basic Textured
* Press Y to see your score had you initiated self destruct (manual gameover option)
* All New Ore Exchange Station in the Belts
* Mining is now Toggle Friendly, press F until you are done and press again to stop.
* Mars Belt is located behind the Fold in Point.
* Jupiter Belt is located Beyond of the Low Orbit area (elevator map)
* Police will take your all illegal cargo and Credits for any Fines you May have. This is instant Boarding.
* Black Market, items increase fines, trading removes them once sold. get caught and pay in Full.
* Mining Laser is no longer fitted to the Moth. Buy a T1 Hauler to mine.
* Police Seeker is an all new ship, watch out for him he only tracks you if he see's you.
* Police Captain will appear if you Fines get too high.
* Shooting Police a lot will raise your Fines
* New Experimental Mining Sound.
* Folding Space cost Fuel per Distance by Planet. Earth to Mars = 1, Mercury to Neptune = 7.

* Known Issues for testers *
To start a new game, make sure to quit and restart the game first, then press new game. Currently if you press New Game it will not clear all the stats properly from your old Savegame.
if your turret becomes out of synch, look where the ship is pointing and press any of these keys A, W, D to reset the turret.
It is possible to not end your Game if busted hard. In future you will go to Space Prison, if you cannot pay the police fines.
Please do not press O for option menu in Station, in future you will need to exit the station. The Station Menu currently pauses after 10 seconds. This will change in future versions.

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