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Post news RSS #3 DEVLOG OF MAELDOR (Characters-Turmaeg)

In this devlog I talk about the first playable character I've designed for Maeldor, a skilled tank-warrior character called Turmaeg.

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3# Devlog of Maeldor (Characters-Turmaeg)

Hello and welcome Maeldorian!

I have made some coffee for myself, playing some soft music on the background and gonna enjoy writing this devlog, so why don't you spoil yourself by getting something to drink or eat, while reading this blog? Alright, you go ahead and get it, I'll wait. No problems, hehe. And by the way, if you haven't Wishlist Maeldor yet, check out below!


Ready? Alright, let's begin!

In this devlog I will talk about the first character of my game, Turmaeg in a bit more detailed way; like how he was created in the first place, his background story a bit and his gameplay style/skills.

If you have written my first devlog, you must know that the idea of my game was emerged from a world created by my imagination called "Maeldor", which I have been writing some short stories about at the beginning, and after some time it has evolved into something much more bigger, a living, breathing, growing world.

And as you can guess, the characters we will be able to control in the game are also created in the stories I've been writing, so from that aspect, they are actually older than the game itself. I have published 2 of those stories in my blog, check them out too if interested!

Turmaeg, Anoriel & Pelethorn. Our heroes. Our saviors. Our fighters and defenders of the innocents. Some say that one must see the real evil to develop a strong empathy for others, and believe me, these 3 have seen a lot throughout their lives.

And what are their stories? Let's start with our proud human warrior Turmaeg.


He is an orphan, and no one actually knows a lot about his past, his parents or where he was from, but the only thing we know is that, he was rescued by Andurians when he was just a baby, after a group of Atras attacked his village. Andurians are an elite group of soldiers, formed by skillful dedicated warriors from all around the Maeldor and he was raised by them, learned how to fight, survive in the wilderness, protect himself against magic and many other things.

After long years of traveling, fighting and helping those who are in need, he was given an impossible task by the Goddess Kuuli (Goddess of the Moon) personally. No one knows what was the task, but Turmaeg completed it successfully, and upon that, Goddess Kuuli rewarded him with an enchanted armor and a magical sword, forged in the heavens by using metals and ores from the stars, which he can call upon the energies of the celestial beings. Even though his rewards were great, they say that he was changed after completing this secret task, become more silent but also more angry with a quick temper.


So this is the short version of his story. Now let's talk about his part in the game.

Obviously as you can see, he is a tank-warrior kind of character, a bit more slower than the other characters regarding the movement and attacks, but also a character who can deal and absorb more damage than Anoriel & Pelethorn.

He has 2 regular skills (Fast and Heavy attacks), 1 special ability (Moon Drop), and 1 ultimate (Invincible).

His fast attacks contains 3 different attack styles, one called "Slash", one with a back flip attack called "Wind Cut" which he can attack both the enemies in front of him and behind, and one called "Whirlwind", which he turns 360 degrees around himself to attack both sides again.

On the contrary, his heavy attack (Deep Slash) is only one type of attack style, which he cuts the enemy with a brute force, dealing more damage than fast attacks and also knocking the enemy back immediately. This attack is of course slower than his fast attacks, but has it's own benefits and using them is entirely up to your play style, regarding the situation or the enemies you are facing. Also another benefit of this skill is that, it has a good range, so if you don't want to come so close to an enemy, might be a good choice, depending on the situation of course.

And his special ability, which is called "Moon Drop", he summons the plasmatic energy of the Moon to his sword and explodes onto his enemies, dealing great amount of damage everything on its way, and again to the both sides. This ability is something we need to charge before being able to use, and the method to charge it is so simple; using our sword. As we hit enemies, destroyables, switches, chests or any other objects that are intractable with our sword, charges our Moon Drop ability.

Lastly, his ultimate skill, "Invincible". This ability is again a blessing he got from the gifts of Goddess Kuuli, just like his Moon Drop. This ability completes his definition of perfect defender, as he again summons the energies of the celestial beings, but instead of using it to attack enemies, this time he contains it inside the Moonstone which is in the middle of his chest, and produces a protective shield around himself, until the power he summoned consumed totally. He does not take any damage as long as the shield is up. This skill has a cooldown.


Alright! So that was a fun devlog to work on, and I hope you have enjoyed it too! I haven't talked about the upgrades, features of his weapons or attributes he will have, because I am thinking about covering those kind of topics in another devlog, under the "Upgrades" category.

Have you finished your drink? I have finished both my coffee and this devlog, hehe.

Again, thank you so much for sharing from your precious time to read my devlog, and until we see each other again in another devlog, stay fun!

Don't forget to Wishlist Maeldor and check out the links below, if you enjoy my work! See you in the next one!


Also don't forget to follow me on Twitter, or chat with me on Discord, and also visit my Blog to read some short stories if interested! Until we met in another devlog, have fun!

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