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Post news RSS 3 days left for the KS! and other news!

Coming to the end of the kickstarter, it was fun! Lots of other fun stuff to share.

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First off Happy new year to all of you! I wanted to start this new year off right by giving you all something.... A cheat code!! Make sure to go to the menu, cheats is right next to Options.

So here's a cheat code for the game!!

What does this cheat code do you ask? Well mweheheh I will tell you.
Get the shiny Eon Sword weapon at any time!
Now how is this useful? In some parts of the game, your weapons may change, especially in the dream areas. Being able to have access to the Eon Sword weapon could be a god sent in the right stage.

Besides that there's not much motion with the kickstarter and I really don't think it is going to raise the rest of the funds within the last 3 days but who knows, maybe some millionaire will take interest in my idea :P or.... maybe I will just throw another kickstarter or fundraising campaign, I still feel the timing wasn't the best, perhaps January is my lucky month....?

In other news I may release Stage 3 of the game in the next beta release although it is still undecided, stage 3 is another one of Shyla's Dream area's where she explores a laboratory of some sort, this area will be mostly puzzle solving, find out more details later on. Screenshots are always posted in the image section, here's some rough layouts for the lab sections:

Lab 1:

Lab: 2

Lab 3:

For christmas I had decided I was going to make a nice promo image just for the occasion, with Shyla and her sidekick in the mystical world of JBS. It came out wonderfully, here take a look:

If you hadn't gotten a chance to check out the website lately I made a little adjustment to the background image, might I say I do like how it came out. Much better then any other previous, here's just a snapshot of what it looks like although you can go and take a look yourself: www.justbeneatheskin.net

More to come in the world of JBS! RAWWWWRRR!!

Enjoy the new year!

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