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This version of 2x0ng should fix any and all frame-rate issues.

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After the 1.0 milestone release, I got some new reports about poor framerate and slowdown in the larger levels---the largest levels, which have four distinct colors. I did some profiling and optimization to the code, and tightened up the four-color levels (which, honestly, were much larger than they needed to be.) The result is 2x0ng version 1.1, which runs smoothly even on a crappy old laptop. I also think the new, more focused 4-color levels are an improvement over 1.0, and I hope you will agree.

Here are the download links:
2x0ng 1.1 for Windows: Indiedb.com
2x0ng 1.1 for Wine (Recommended for Linux users.) Indiedb.com
2x0ng 1.1 for Linux (32-bit) Indiedb.com

(A mac version of 2x0ng 1.1 is in preparation.)

As always, please see the 2x0ng homepage for up-to-date compatibility information and platform-specific notes. Blocky.io

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