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This new release of 2x0ng fixes several combat and UI bugs.

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As promised, I've released 2x0ng version 1.6 on Desura, for Windows and Linux. This version contains several important bugfixes:

  • The Squareball now strikes its target automatically if it detects that the distance did not decrease after a move. This prevents the occasional glitch where the Squareball would get "stuck" for a few moments on an enemy.
  • The arcade-style retry system has been fixed up so that you get only two retries, and the game automatically restarts the current level after you die.
  • Control-R now always resets the game at level 1.
  • The buzzing, expanding Monitor enemy now has a smaller hitbox when it gets larger; this prevents accidental deaths when running by the corners of these enemies.
  • Control-Q now quits the game.

These are some really important changes, making version 1.6 the best 2x0ng yet. I hope you enjoy the game---please feel free to send your feedback, questions, and bug reports.

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