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Today we can celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Beyond Enemy Lines and it’s all about the number 2. For today we have the massive 2nd Anniversary Update, 2 big announcements and development update on Beyond Enemy Lines 2.

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Beyond Enemy Lines: Covert Operations

Beyond Enemy Lines: Covert Operations is taking the unique Beyond Enemy Lines gameplay to the Nintendo Switch. And is one of the first hardcore tactical FPS for Nintendos console.

Beyond Enemy Lines: Covert Operations is a port of the 8 mission long story campaign of Beyond Enemy Lines from 2017. It contains the full experience of it's PCs bigger brother. While running on an entirly new game core directly adapted for the use on Nintendo Switch.

Beyond Enemy Lines: Covert Ops was ported inhouse by Polygon Art to Nintendo's Console.
Release Date is TBA.


  • 8 mission long Story Campaign
  • Full experience of the PC version
  • Adapted gameplay especially for Nintendo Switch
  • 100% Freedom - You chose the tactics
  • 100% Hardcore - Challenge your skill

Beyond Enemy Lines: Operation Arctic Hawk Standalone

Beyond Enemy Lines Operation Arctic Hawk is going to be released as a Standalone game on March 7, 2019.

The Standalone versions contains the 4 Mission Long Campaign set in the freezing cold winter of russia and will come with 27 Achievemnts.

The Store Page is now online:

Beyond Enemy Lines 2

Beyond Enemy Lines 2 development is progressing well and reached Beta status!

Gameplay reveal as well as new informations about content and features will be shared soon!

2nd Anniversary Update

A new update for Beyond Enemy Lines is now available and adding an entirely overhaul Operation Arctic Hawk Campaign (DLC required to play), drastically improved AI, Gunplay and a general visual update. Besides the overhault Operation Arctic Hawk the AI got the most attention. With it’s new ability to flank the player it is even more dangerous in hunting the player. While giving the enemies new Animations and a entirly new balancing.

Here ist the entire Changelog:
improved AI*

  • new AI Sightlines
  • new AI Animations
  • new AI Behaviour System
  • improved Operation Arctic Hawk Campaign
  • improved gunplay (new recoil)
  • new landscape material on all missions
  • fixed issues in Mission Editor
  • new and improved muzzle flashes
  • fixed several smaller issues
  • updated engine version
  • updated and improved post processing on all missions
  • fixed several misplaced objects
  • improved Hostage pathfinding

* The AI is taking advantage of some features taken from Beyond Enemy Lines 2. However it does not represent the far more advanced BEL2 AI system as those are not compatible with the game/map setup in Beyond Enemy Lines 1.

Official Site: Beyond-enemy-lines.com
Developer: Polygon-art.com
Discord: Discord.gg
Facebook: Facebook.com
Twitter: Twitter.com


Congradulations on making it to the Switch! Hell, you might even get a few more players you wouldn't have gotten otherwise due to Steam's terrible search-engine on their store!

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