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I've received some reports from new players of LBKR of two issues that I felt required immediate attention.

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The introduction and tutorials of LBKR clearly required an overhaul, so here it is… or well atleast will be! I’ve spent this past week with creating a new tutorial map that will lead you through all of the gameplay elements of LBKR, ranging from item management to combat controls and interactions etc.

I’ll have the new tutorial published along with the next release! Which by the way most likely will be tomorrow (Sunday 24/9). Hopefully this feature will be useful, and I’m looking forward for any critique or feedback on it once it’s launched!


I’ve also received a report about a major game-breaker as of v2.23, where new players can’t get past the Profile Selection menu. I believe this may be due to the changes done to the Achievment system in the most recent update. (As mentioned in the 2.23 update log, the old LBKR Achievement system was integrated with the Game Jolt’s Game API, and thus required some tweaking of the way data was stored and managed.

I did just now find a line of code that might be the cause of this issue though! Will do some further game testing and debuging before the next release just to make sure!

Anyways, the 2.24 Fix update will be available tomorrow!

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