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Important update release, solving the issue with the game data manager not beeing able to read/write to certain save- and game-config files

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It seems like the issue from version 2.23 with the game not beeing able to locate some necessary files from the players disk persisted in 2.24 despite the fix I released in which I thought I had solved the bug in... however, this time I received a log file that helped me to identify the cause of the problem, sorry for the inconvenience! The Windows version is uploaded and available from the Download list here on IndieDB and at the LBKR website. Linux version is beeing compiled as we speak ( by the time that this post was written ) and will be available soon aswell.

I did manage to get a few of the updates, although minor changes, finished for this 2.24f1 release so let's go through while we're at it!
All bounty contract icons have been updated with new looks which also (in most cases atleast) better identifies the bounty type of the contract.

Furthermore I've added 5 new contracts.

-Ungarded: Kill Forsaken Guardians ( Unique monsters )
-Ghost: Kill Void Walkers (Unique monsters)
-Challenger: Complete a Forsaken Challenge mission
Pit: Survive x no. of Forsaken Voids/Arenas
(Void)Massacre: Kill x no. of Forsaken Fighters

All five of these bounties are high-valued contracts with better reputation and mark-rewards, but the targets to kill/missions to complete are more rare/difficult than the ones targetted in the regular bounties.
For the UI I've changed two of the Combat Tracker texts, the "Staggered" text that were shown if the player was allowed to execute a monster now (more accurately) express "Execute (Z)".

The second text, "Armor Break", now says "Armor Corroded".
The size of the text in the small Bounty Panel that can be seen when opening the Mission List has been increased for better readability, and if you move your mouse cursor over an item icon seen in the reward-panel of the Mission Window a tooltip with the item's name will be displayed.
I've also added a second tooltip for the shop window that display the cost and other notable information of the currently selected item, at a more appropriate place on screen than before.

Furthermore, some minor balancing has been done to some player abilities, traps and items along with various fixes for other gameplay elements. A full update log can be read here (.pdf format)422402

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