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Post news RSS 2016.11.12 Boss 101, UI Upgrades across the year

Let’s talk about some of the UI improvements and touchups we have done in Boss 101 over the last year. What we are going to do is look at a build of the game from ONE YEAR AGO and compare it to today’s build.

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Welcome to the latest Boss 101 update.

Let’s talk about some of the UI improvements and touchups we have done in Boss 101 over the last year. What we are going to do is look at a build of the game from ONE YEAR AGO and compare it to today’s build. What I would like to point out is how many things have remained the same and touches we have done to make things clearer and easier to understand. Overall I feel YOU will enjoy the changes and rest assured we are making sure the WHOLE GAME has as much polish as we can muster for the release.

Upgrades Room

We spoke about this one a while back but here’s a refresher. Upgrades are on the second floor of the Command Center and they are where you can go for basic overall improvements of your main character and weapon. Additionally you can invest in a construction project to get access to ROB’s secret store.

So – we have a snippet here of the game tutorial giving you an overview of the upgrades in the room. Notice even BERL is hesitant to talk about the Debug upgrade! Guess you will just have to get down there for yourself.

Health – then and now

The Health upgrade section is a pretty good example of what has been happening. The old version wasn’t bad but we wanted a new one with the information a little clearer (more on that later) and a little more in line with the Boss 101 game aesthetic.

The old version

New and Jazzier

So – some of the reasoning here is we wanted to leave space for dropping in numbers after all the tunes are done. You’ll notice we have levels of upgrades but the idea is we have left the door open for tweaks in the way the information is displayed. Once all the final gameplay tunes are in and balances then we will come back here for a last pass on the display. The same will go for all the upgrade sections.

The Bounty section

This is where you adjust your end of round bonus. In here you can give yourself a health boost in cash. As with the health – this will be revisited once all the final values are in. The current setup allows for a really easy change to this display.



Main Gun Damage

Personally I think this upgrade benefited GREATLY from the UI improvements. This is the indicator of the damage your main gun will do. The old was a simple bullet and icon coloration. Now we have all the different machines guns YOU WILL SEE IN GAME represented here. It’s pretty clear what’s happening, right? HA!



Debug Store

This was another one long in the works. The debug store was always a tricky concept to sell in this room. The original idea was we had a totally secret room that you had to buy to ‘discover’. You would not have been given any information other than this obscure looking upgrade slot. As you dropped your cash down you would have been slowly building a button on the command center controls. Well, the idea is still there but we make it a LOT clearer what is going in with the design of this upgrade, the tutorials and the actual in-game displays.



Boss 101 Screenshot

Putting the last touches on the Tank Battle Mini Game (Start Screen)

Wrap up and release date

We’re working on a release date announcement (sooner than later) and a final series of gameplay videos for your enjoyment as we head into the last part of development. It has been a LONG, long ride and no one wants this game in your hands as much as we do – TRUST US!

Realistically though – we will not put this game out there before we put our all into it. We’re right next to the finish line, the end is near but this is the time to keep a steady resolve to BRING YOU OUR BEST! You will be adventuring in Boss 101 soon people – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND HANG IN THERE!

And….. remember to….. LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


Please put Boss 101 on your Steam Wishlist us if you would be so kind


Thank you!

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