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News related to the demo, and info of how 2016 will roll out!

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A new year is upon us, and this year in particular is a year for opportunity, at least for me. First of all, the official demo will be coming out the 14th of January. Hopefully the final game will be out sometime this summer, or sooner! Before I go into further detail, I want to thank you for all the support, you guys responded well to the demo, I hope you liked it too!

Anyway, I will be pricing the game at around two to three dollars, and you will be able to get it on itch.io. I will be contacting several websites to see if they are able to put my game on there. So this year will be a big one. The game will indeed have one more trailer, the launch trailer. The launch trailer will consist of animations, final version gameplay, and of course jumpscares.

I am still working on character modeling, and modeling in general, which is easier than the development itself. Usually it takes me about a day to complete one night so, hang in there. If you are curious about anything else, just send me an email at, doubleblubbergames@gmail.com

Have a good day! :D

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