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We're starting with a new devlog this year! On this one we talk very briefly about: - New features - New concepts - A new boss! :D

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Hi guys! We're starting with a new devlog this year!

I'm Maruki, a Brazilian indiedev aspirant and this is IABO, a game whose objective is to reach and conquer the moon by shooting at stuff, avoiding enemies and merging with your own companions for extra power.

Quick info list:

Name: IABO - It Ain't BreakOut

Genre: arcade

Team: LOSTⒶLLOY >> Chederfaus (code and sounds) and Maruki (art and art and art)

Platform: PC

From the initial concept of Atari's BreakOut, we came up with many elements we thought would make IABO difficult, challenging, fast and funny. We basically transformed the stationary blocks from BreakOut into falling clouds and added a face to everything. We managed a proof of concept at the early stages of the game.

IABO's proof of concept
You can get it from here: link

On this proof of concept, I'd intended the previous original ball to be a limited air bomb you could shoot at clouds to make them fly away. There was also a score multiplier system, activated after some time without taking hits, represented by a rainbow that went up the screen. Some screenshots:

We plan to change lots of things from this proof of concept. We will revamp the enemies, add stages, and change the way power-ups work, for example. We have the design laid out, and I'm currently making concepts, designing sprites and testing animation loops here and there.

Grandpa Moon

Grandpa Moon ^

Grandpa Moon taking a nap

Grandpa Moon taking a nap ^

Cloud formations

Cloud solo, duo and trio ^

*puff puff*

Cloud solo ^


Cumulonimbus Boss ^

Thanks for reading!

Feedback is welcome and appreciated! ♥

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