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Post news RSS 2015.09.21 Boss 101: Cinematic Transitions and Zagnuts

Cinematic storytelling, new screens and Boss 101's love of Zagnuts! New update live!

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Welcome to the latest weekly update of Boss 101!

Cinematic Transitions

This last week saw the first pass of all the main cinematics in the game. The great news here is we can now sit and let the story gel while we move onto other polish tasks. If you are also working on a game you know how nice it is to have breathing room and stand back from your creation.

Let’s look at some of the latest shall we?

Transition Screen for the cinematics

We created this little intro screen to help set the stage for the storytelling in the game. A lot of the thinking here is to give a clear heads up as to where and what the player is seeing. In an ideal world storytelling would be told naturalistically but since time and tech constraints crop up we are looking at ways to deliver the best experience given our tools.

For that we have a little narration screen that can crop up to give a high level lead in. You see a lone narration robo and a small action gopher in the corner. We will be using this setup to help with transitions between cinemas and to setup possibly complex storytelling. The nice thing is this will be woven into the current story with some logical ties. Before we had this screen we had a lot of insta cuts into major story elements and it seemed a little jarring. Now we can ease into things, hopefully a little smoother.

Hilltop at night

Who doesn’t like looking at the stars? In between robo battles we have downtime and we think you will enjoy the moments spent with the guys. It was a huge deal for us to have not only awesome arcade action but to have downtime that you can enjoy as you like. Hey, if you want back in battle – you can do that. If you want to earn some credits playing arcade games – do it!

Steam Store Cleanup

We also began cleaning up the Boss 101 Steam store for the game’s release. Now, we know that is a little bit down the line but it’s always nice to create and design the storefront to be pleasing. I know I personally appreciate when a Steam store has information presented in a pleasing manner. I also really like when a dev CLEARLY enjoys what they are doing and lets a little humor show. We are working to do the same – give you the info and also provide a little fun while we do it.

Galactic Credit Cards

Boss 101 Soundtrack


Boss 101 likes Zagnuts! Who knew!?! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s update and feel free to visit our Steam Store for the latest news! Links below!

Remember to always – LIVE YOUR DREAMS!



┬┐cuando saldra para descarga o es un juego flash?

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DonleyTimeFoundation Author

Teio! Thanks for the question - it will be a downloadable game from Steam and then ideally move over to consoles. We're targeting the end of this year and the only thing which might push it out is polish.

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Can we start throwing money at you in exchange for steam key?;-) Srsly, great job.

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DonleyTimeFoundation Author

AWWW! That is really nice of you to say. You can imagine how happy we are to hear that. Thank you and the game is a blast to work on. Really awesome people make the job MUCH easier! Stay in touch too! We will be looking for testers and people to give us feedback.


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This is so purty... How long have you been working on this?!

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DonleyTimeFoundation Author

THANK YOU! It's been a little over a year of development. We did have a bit of a head start since we had done a Boss 101 Flash game before this one. That allowed us to jumpstart the development on this a bit.

Appreciate the comment and thank you so much for checking out the latest. More to come!


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