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Post news RSS 20 minutes lo-fi hip hop with Chill Corner

Here are several soundtracks you will find in the game. Basically the game is just an idle/relaxing game for chill. You can open it just for listening to music while working, sleeping, coding or even gaming...! Cheer!

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Hello everyone,

I updated the 20 minute in-game soundtracks and snowy sound effects. Hope you will like it.

If there is no problem, the game will come to Steam this 16 Dec.

I will update a playable version on IndieDB.com soon when I have a stable build, stay tuned!

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for the game.

Thank you all!

ss 4d74bc2109483863bb7ea6981945ec7bd

ss a88959eef58724f4e4b1fd45663a81fe3

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