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A Summary of what has been completed / worked on in the past 7 days!

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Hi All,

Well after an awesome week we have done Quite a lot!

We now have 8 Carts : Sips , Sjin , Zoey , Kim , Martyn , Hannah , Nilesy & Parv
2 player models By shadownami92 : Hannah , Nilesy
Part of the Yoglabs level!
& A unfinished multiplayer system

Now some people may think that that isn't much .. well it probably isn't i do admit more could have been added in a week but the past 2-3 days ive not been as well as normal so i slowed down but the next week and a half up to Christmas i plan to finish yoglabs (Hopefully)

We now also have support from some of the actual yogscast You-tubers & a friend of Martyns : Martyn , Nilesy , Dave-chaos & SototallyToby.

So the plans i have to complete before i send a demo to the Yogscast is to have atleast 2 Playable levels , over 15 playable characters , A working multiplayer system , Almost all bugs Fixed that list may become more but for now that is my goal!

Anyway im enjoying creating this and id like to give a big shoutout to : Tomhudy , Shadownami92 , DoorStopper , rossislegend & jhamm

Thanks for the Continuous Support!
- Ross , The Livestream Watchers & The supporting Community

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