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We've made it to 15 years here at World War II Online, and for the entire month of June all veteran accounts are reactivated, and all new accounts receive full premium access. The latest version "1.35" has been released with several key improvements to game performance that has really improved the user experience. Take a look at the Readme inside including some information on how you can get into the WAR!

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World War II Online - Major Update

Version 1.35.1 (May 2016)

This release marks a major milestone for the game and lays the ground work to an eventual Steam deployment. There have been several thousand lines of code refactored to bring you a more stable and better performing gaming experience.

Significant Improvements

  • Infantry death lag dramatically reduced.
  • Multicrew activated, performs flawlessly.
  • Character offset is gone.
  • Higher frames per second in most cases.
  • Better connection stability.
  • Removed NetCode2 Beta.
  • Bedford Black Out resolved (FINALLY).
  • Spawning in different towns is faster.
  • Several infrastructure security improvements.

Rocket Propelled Anti-Tank Changes

  • RPATS are not loaded on spawn.
  • RPATS cannot sprint while loaded.
  • RPATS cannot aim when not loaded.
  • Cannot switch weapons when RPAT is loaded.

World War II Online - 1.35.2 Hotfix (May 2016)

  • Fixed intermittent crash.
  • Fixed score from captures all going to a single player.
  • Fixed the client outputting messages about invalid buildings.
  • Fixed rare crash on the strat host.

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WELCOME BACK SOLDIERS! Now that you're here there's a lot of information to catch back up on. This article gives you some quick information on events planned for June (in and out of game), and details about this whole celebration. We'll also give you some quick bullet point information about how things have improved over the last year and why many players are reinvested in the game and its potential.


  • Yes, all veteran accounts have been reactivated.
  • All existing free players have received premium access.
  • All new free play sign ups are also receiving premium access.
  • WHY? Because 15 years is a big deal, and let's have a great time!


  1. Download the latest full installer (located here).
  2. Login to the game and start playing!




  • We have a new team, with new leadership onboard.
  • We have successfully stabilized the game.
  • Several backend servers have been modernized.
  • The game is being routinely developed.
  • New game features to help players find battle faster.
  • Several new infantry weapons in game now.
  • A major game update (1.35) was released in May, 2016.
  • Community feedback is the heart of our development plans.
  • We have a new Quality Assurance team that helps us test software before it releases.
  • We have a new Marketing team working to expand knowledge of our game.
  • We have a Community Development team improving and building tools for the community.
  • The list continues, it's big (read the updates and forums).


You can participate in our forum discussions regarding these events located here.

June 1, 2016 - The Doors will be open for all ex-players to rejoin the battle. All Veteran players accounts will be reactivated and free players will be promoted to premium for the whole month of June.

June 4, 2016 - 12:00 PM Central (Server Time) Event to be held on the Training Server:

The battle is cross country as the two sides battle for territory and to advance their side. Each will have a target to protect, and each will have a target to defend. The first to destroy their target will each the victory condition. Thank you Waver25 for the suggestion on the event.

June 6, 2016 - 15th Year Anniversary of the game release!

At 18:00 Central CRS will be conducting a Reddit "Ask Me Anything", and Kill-a-Rat afterwards on the campaign server 20:00.

June 11, 2016 - 11:00 Central RAT CHAT on TS, followed by a 12:00 Celebration Parade on the Campaign Server

June 18, 2016 - 14:00 Event -Throwback Event (Training Server)

We will set the map to the original towns and set the timers and rules to as close as possible to release date, table timers as low as possible, and unlimited supply. We have invited the HCs to lead us during this 6 hour event.

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