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this new is to officialy announce that update 1.3 will be available by saturday

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this new is to officialy announce that update 1.3 will be available by saturday, everyday i plan what to put into future updates, i choose the most relevant to me and i start working on them. But for some reason when i started to plan 1.3 many (too much) great and creative ideas came to mind, and i had a hard time choosing the right ones for 1.3. Then i realized that update 1.3 should be all about polishing the game, fixing that ugly ui and increasing the frame rate so players can play better. So here its the official list of what to expect in Frozen NIghtmare Alpha 1.3.

menu will have a tutorial option, making you learn teh basic game controls and how to build, how meat, water and medicine looks like, this is to assure that new players can dive into Frozen NIghtmare right away.

menu will look like an actual menu, basically we will make it look good or atleast decent.

UI wil be polished so your eyes dont have to handle something ugly but rather nice and beatifull.

G R A D U A L R E N D E R system, this will increase your frame rate by atleast the double, believe me playing the game at 40 fps will make everything look and feel better.

a more detailed map that does not feel that empty

About linux: expect the game to be released for linux on saturday or early sunday.

By the way TRY THE NEW DEMO!!


You are doing a great work! Keep these updates coming! ;)

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nice! looking forward to linux support

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