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A lot of news about Sacred Line, its Italian version, extended 16-bit version, Remake and Sequel.

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Sacred Line:
Italian version of the game is ready (which text translation is done by Andrea Damico) and now I'm waiting for the voiceover audio files. Ellen will be voiced by Italian stage actress/radio speaker and right now there's no candidates for other roles.It's an updated (1.2c) build with significant optimization and plot changes. English version of this build will be available later (only for 32-bit PC).
Honestly, after looking at the Sacred Line six months later after release I see A LOT of stuff which must be updated/fixed. But it's a hell of a lot of work for one man and it's a free game, which means if I'll find force in myself to expand and upgrade it, it will be a commercial remake and not a new version of the current game.
[ New in 1.2c version ]
- Significant optimization improvement (+10 FPS minimum)
- Several plot lines re-written
- Texture changes (for example, substance is now black-red)
- Portal level is way better now (you can read lines without problem and you will not lost)- Minor fixes and additions

Extended Mega Drive / Genesis port (Sacred Line: Genesis):
Extended 16-bit version of original game is in development (70% is finished) and it's a main project right now. See Sashadarko.com or its IndieDB page for details.

Remake (Sacred Line Kanzeban):
Japanese remake of the original game, right now only in stage of concept and put on hold.

Sequel (Sacred Line II: Revenette's Move):
Politically incorrect Action/FPS sequel is in early stange of development and put on hold. Concept finished, story a little bit written. You can see one screenshot on my site.

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