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Post news RSS 1.2 Release and Minor Announcement

I state the obvious that 1.2 has been released and make a short announcement.

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Hi, the sudden activity on this page is the first in two years, as I have recently regained some interest in modding. Recently, I ported Demeine to Barony's Steam Workshop as "1.1" with extremely minor updates, but basically it was only just enough to get it working on there. I then decided to update and polish some content and release it as 1.2, which replaces some of the levels, makes adjustments to some prefabs, and adds new music. I'm now working on a new mod, which uses ideas and some content from 2.0. Either 2.0 will be completely absorbed in to this new mod, or 2.0 will become its own standalone mod if it's distinct enough and I still have the creative energy and drive by then.

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