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Post news RSS 12-16-07 -- Update

---- Update---- 90% done with the SoundTrack for the game. 3% done with the Sound Effects for the game.

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we'd be going faster if we had more help...
were in need of a model rigger that can take a model i give you and make it into a working .w3d model.
if you are good i might consider rewarding you with $$.

so far i have the sound track going awesome featuring the real soundtrack of halo 2.. with a little mixing from yours truly. best of all there in a format bearly ever used in games cause it makes the computers sluggish.. but thanks to my skills i have moded a codec and the sound track for renegade: The spartan project will be in 356kbs / 3d / dolby 7.2 / 32bits .. SUPER HD ftw


the sound effects are ticky since ripping them off of the halo 2 dvd on a xbox is monotonoius.. but worth the added sent of halo.

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