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Site Updated!! Latest Updated Information as well as Updated pages.

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New Title 10 6

Site Updated!!

Miolhr Site Updated


Update 10.6 Patch Now Available!

  • Patched minor issues with start!
    Added Spawn Notifications!
    Added Help in Training Area and added more to starting Items!
    New Crafts! (Stone Crafts)
    New Items!
    Stone Helmet, Stone Armor, Stone Shoes and Shield!
    Campfire Fixes!
    Campfire Icons Added!
    Repair Hammer Crafts Added!
    Minor Fixes!
    Site Update to help beginners!

    Adjusted Soups and Stews and Added New Items!


Update 10.6 is Now Available!

  • 600+ Items!(Coal, Shotgun, Mushroom Soup, First Aid and more.. )
  • 200 + Weapons!(Metal Pickaxe, Staff, Spear, Pistol and more..)
  • 200+ Armor! (Tee Shirt, Military Boots, Cap, Colt Belt and more..)
  • 40 Quest (20 Multi-Use Quest)
  • 5 Biomes to Explore!
    [*]Multiple Enemy types including Zombies, Animals and Looters to fend off!
    [*]6 DoJo's to Conquer!
    [*]Loot random locations from Med Centers, Homes, Weapon Shops to Deli(s)!
    [*]More to come with future releases!
    [*]Crafting System that allows you to create food, Weapons and more!
    [*]Safehouses to stay in or Create your own home base!
    [*]Make a Campfire and cook or Breakdown Items to make more Useful Items!
    [*]Uses Cages and Traps to catch wild animals and Cook, Skin or Train them!
    [*]Find Other survivors and complete quest for them to get them to join you!
    [*]Be warned not all Team Members will work well together which may effect Disposition!
    [*]Chance System which effects..
    [*]Air Drops! (Effect amount of Drops in an Area)
    [*]Visitor Breaking in! (Zombies, Animals, or Looters)
    [*]Team Members! (Exploration)
    [*]Chances of Finding Rare Items!
    [*]Power Outage!
    [*]Pipes not to work! (No Water)
    [*]Chances of getting a Cut or getting a Sprains!
    [*]and more..
    [*]Environment Chance of Rain will help with Crop Growth but Thunderstorm may cause a Boss Zombie to appear!
    [*]Coming Soon Environmental Situations (WindStorms may have a Chance of causing a Tornado)
    [*]More to Come...Stay Tuned!

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