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Post news RSS #10 Version 1.3, Survival Mode and Major Fixes

Major update in the game with many fixes and a new mode!

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Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since we posted but we think it was worth it as we made many changes and added many things !

Survival Mode

A new mode has been included in that version. It is called survival and it is an endless chain of dungeons.

Screen Shot 2016 06 24 at 20 35

The dungeons are still randomly generated and there is a quest to be completed to each and everyone of them. At the completion of a dungeon you are being lead to the next one which can be a mission dungeon again or a boss dungeon. You are taking rewards by completing each dungeon but you will take all the experience when you finish the mode.

Depending how many players and the difficulty you will play you will have certain amount of re-spawns and when someone dies without having any re-spawns left, the mode is over and the experience is give to players.

More adds and fixes

Added updated compass (map and minimal)

Added Mass Craft System

Added Mass Purify

Added Enemy Names

Re-spawn Window Counter Fix UI bar

Map Camera Follow Player

Flamethrower damage fixed

Boss Crystals can be aimed

Player rotates now ignoring speed

increase difficulty in Insane and Legendary

Enemies now new skills: Bleed and pushback

Changed craft UI result

Purify now can reward you with attachment or specials crystals

Added option to de-activate camera shake

Fixed attach crystal ability

Elite level up

Monsters become elites by killing a player

Notifications at chat and screen

New final screen

An image about crafting below:

Batch Craft

And about the mass purifying!

Mass Purify

Hope you all liked the new changes and the Survival Mode and we can't wait to see everyone in-game for some dungeons!

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