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Post news RSS (#10 Dev Diary) Glory to the dog god

Introduction of the dog god, a local deity in Elfscape: Ancestors, The Noble Beast Lahmu. Pictures of his representations in game and different designs.

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Glory to the dog god

Dev Diary 10

The last article was about collecting bonuses using broken Lahmu statues. So who is this mysterious Lahmu?

Non-playable characters you can meet in Elfscape:Ancestors are people who live in an underground city that is built around a temple. They worship a local deity called The Noble Beast Lahmu - whom the temple is devoted to. It is said that Lahmu sleeps somewhere in the deep, waiting for a time when it’ll fight a victorious battle against a demon, side by side with the Chosen one.

Lahmu usually appears as two dogs (sometimes one) and you can find its representations in different places throughout the whole game. Most common form you’ll encounter are statues of Lahmu, which are situated in every of the 6 environments. As you may already know, each of the environments has different level design - and the same applies for the statue designs. Lahmu's statues are usually missing a head (or two) and they’re important for bonus collection (as you can read here).

6 different designs of Lahmu's statues

Lahmu statue & head - environment 1 Lahmu statue & head - environment 2

Lahmu statue & head - environment 3 Lahmu statue & head - environment 4

Lahmu statue & head - environment 5 Lahmu statue & head - environment 6

Another place where you can spot Lahmu is the city. Lahmu can be seen in front of the temple and then also at the temple door. The underground people worship The Noble Beast so much, even the entrances to the city are in the form of Lahmu’s head.

Temple devoted to The Noble Beast Lahmu

Gate to the city

Gate to the city 2

The last Lahmu place is a gate. There are three gates in the game, each one opening a passage to a different location.

One of the gates to new location
Lahmu gate to the next environment

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