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Updates on the game, and talking about lore and world building in this sequel.

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Hey guys, got an update for you.

So NGHII has been in the works for quite a while now. Pretty much right after the release of NGH. We all agree here at Goodnight, that NGH is ripe with story telling and game opportunities, and should it be allowed (financially and time), then we would go ahead with NGHII.

With NGH, we learned what work, what didn't work, what was liked, didn't liked, etc and went into the design phase a few months ago, with that fresh on our minds and with a general direction. We had a story in mind: The Mystery Behind the Disappearance of the Aeternum, her crew, and what followed and waited for them along their voyage home. This still remains a part of the lore in NGHII, but there has indeed been a lot expanded, so as to allow the player to get an idea of the world we are building. Even, if this is series that started on the mobile platform.

One of the main parts of the lore we have built up, is the idea behind Mother Jutro and His Infernal Majesty Sumrak, two names that popped up prominently throughout a number of the crew in the first game. Though our game still relys on influences from the like of Warhammer, Lovecraft, etc, we wanted to flesh them both out in a way, that holds relevence to the rest of the game, and gives some level of agency to whats going on in the world. Will the player understand the motives of both of these "gods?" Well thats best left to you guys interpreting however you want. Otherwise, River Song from Doctor Who says it best, "Spoilers" *wink*.

With that, I leave you with a small treat: The Tale of the Mother and the Father.

The Void
At first there was nothing. There was always nothing.
An abyss...
A void…
Just darkness.
And then two somethings popped into existence. They knew not where they were, who they were, or of each other. So, they drifted, endlessly contemplating, wondering of their role in this place. After a while, they became more than what they were. Concepts, now in the realm of celestial beings, wielding power far beyond our understanding. With their evolution, they became aware of each and they were “relieved” they were no longer alone. They had yet to mastered their own movement, popping all over the void, but they learned to communicate with each other, no matter the distance.

One on One

Both beings came to know each other. One was kind, tender, and sought to look at the “bigger picture,” it called itself Jutro. The other was brash, aggressive, and always yearning for more, it called itself Sumrak. Jutro and Sumrak, were eager to know more; to see if the other knew why they were here. As “time” went by, they became enthralled with each other and waited for the moment when they could embrace.

Big Band

That moment came when they appeared by each other. Without any hesitation they put all their energy into going for one another. They smashed into each other with a Big Bang, and both experienced sensations they couldn’t even image. Unbeknownst to them, something else happen.
The cosmos as we know it, the universe, this realm of existence, sparked to life and it lay before them as they finished their embrace of love.

Sumrak and Jutro were both in awe at what was created.

Look at what we’ve created! Look at what we can do! We have more power than eve before!

Jutro shook it’s head,” No Sumrak, this is not power. This is a start of something new. Look down at the garden. Seeds have begun to spring new life.”

Differing Ways
They both averted their eyes down and saw all manners of things pop into existence. Including all manners of life, from plants, to animals.
Sumrak scoffed and chided Jutro, “No my love, that is not something new. Those are insects, if not tools to be used to escape this wretched realm. Now let us continue and join again to see what other miracles we can accomplish”

Jutro was not pleased. Something in it, a “gut instinct,” letting it know, this was not wanted. Jutro refused, “No Sumrak, I will not. Nor will I let you harm these beings in anyway.”


With a motherly defiance, Jutro repulsed Sumrak away, shielding the beginnings of the Universe from Sumrak.

You dare defy me Jutro! We are meant to be one!”

Sumrak grabbed for Jutro and sought to mount the other celestial, so as to do what was done before.

Jutro fought back, as Sumrak began to insert itself into the motherly being. With every ounce of energy it could muster, Jutro threw Sumrak to the other side of the Universe. Sumrak was enraged, the fires of a thousand white suns not even a comparison to how it felt.

You harlot! You seething harlot!” It spat. “I will not stop. I will take away this precious garden of yours. I will burn it to the ground. Turn your insets against you. And when it is time, I will take you until there is nothing else!”

Jutro, was too exhausted and what layed on its mind was its garden. Its garden, full of it’s children.

It could already feel Sumrak keeping good to its word, sticking its tendrils wherever it could.
And so Jutro weep. Every tear, a symbol of that which was lost. That which fell under Sumrak’s sway.

A Mother’s Love and a Father’s Disgust

Yet though Jutro weep, she rose and stood over her children watching; guiding only when necessary, and letting them stand on their feet.

The eldest of her children came to know of their mother, Jutro, Goddess of the Everloving Morning, and the horrors their “father” Sumrak, the Infernal Majesty of the Fiery Twilight. As time went on the tale of the two spread throughout the Universe and for a while Sumrak was kept at bay. Not even he could see to overpower the younglings.

But with all things, the beings of the Universe, forgot about Sumrak and Jutro.

Jutro didn’t mind, for she had no wish to interfere with the evolution of her children.
Sumrak on the other hand, was amused.

It was finally time, to take back what was his. . .


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