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Post news RSS #1 Devlog of Maeldor (General Game Design & Fundamentals)

In this devlog, I will explain the general game design and fundamentals of my game Maeldor.

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#1 Devlog of Maeldor (General Game Design & Fundamentals)

Welcome! I call myself _theRaven, solo developer of Maeldor and I am so excited to share the first devlog of my game. I will explain the general game design, what milestones I have achieved so far, and what other development stages left to do before I release the full game in this devlog. Of course the development is going a bit slow, since I am a solo dev and I literally do everything myself for this game, from coding, to art (%90 of the things you see in this game is handcrafted by me), to music and all other stuff.

Hunt Begins Short Clip

Where Magic & Sword Rules

First of all, let me describe my game to you briefly, in case you are not familiar with it. Maeldor is a story-driven 2d action adventure platformer with RPG elements in it. It is a lore-rich game, heavily depends on the magical fantasy world called Maeldor, created 4 years ago by my imagination. It builds itself around an epic story filled with different adventures throughout the Maeldor, mixed with lots of action aspects and since it has features such as character progression, decision making or skill trees, we can say that it also has some RPG elements in it. I don't categorize it under the "Metroidvania" genre, because my game is more of a casual, story-based adventurous journey, with basic platforming, puzzle solving, and action aspects, rather than being a hardcore game.

Chapter 6-3 Boss Fight Scene

Our objective in the game is to get back a precious ancient artifact, stolen by the servants of the God of Darkness, the Atronien. The artifact is so important to the free folks of Maeldor, because it holds a secret which will be useful in the upcoming war against the Atras (servants of Atronien). I am also writing short stories about this world, different than the story of the game and you can check them out too in my blog, if interested.


Here is the list of things I have done so far;

1 - 1 Playable Character Completed,
2 - All 8 Chapters Arts, Level Designs and All Other Elements Completed,
3 - Mystery Urns (Buff System) Completed,
4 - 1 Boss Fight Completed,
5 - Complete Story Written Down and First Part Implemented,
6 - 9 Soundtrack and lots of SFX Made and Implemented to the Game,
7 - Menu UI and UX Designs Completed,
8 - 3 Enemy Design, Animation and Gameplay Style Completed,
9 - 1 NPC to Discover Different Stories of Maeldor Completed,
10 - Chests and Soul Points System Implemented
11 - Gamepad Support Implemented.


1 - 2 Other Playable Characters,
2 - 7 Boss Fights,
3 - Other Enemies in Chapters,
4 - Upgrade System
5 - Polishing and Other Little Things


We will have 3 playable characters in the game, Turmaeg a skilled warrior raised by an elite force called Andurians, Anoriel a wood elf who carries a legendary bow called “Tura”, and Pelethorn blessed by the divine lake of Neni with the “Water Soul Summoning” ability. We also have our wise wizard Aglaroth, but he is not a playable character, rather he is a supportive character (NPC) who will guide us in our journey throughout the Maeldor with his wisdom. Each character will have different skills, features and abilities to make the gameplay dynamic for you according to your choices.

Dash & Stamina Short Clip


You will explore all the magical realms of Maeldor from beginning to the end and this makes 8 Chapters with each containing 3 Levels in them. Every chapter of the game takes place in a different environment with different enemies and different interactive elements such as dangers, traps or gameplay opportunities.

Chapter 4-1 Ss


And yes of course we have boss fights! At the end of each chapter you will fight an end level boss to make progress in the game, which makes 8 boss fights with each unique styles and gameplay.

Chapter 3-3 Boss Fight


You will be able to upgrade your characters’ skills, weapon features and racial attributes by collecting something called “Soul Point” throughout the levels and also from treasure chests, to become stronger, since that will be the only way for you to get to the end of the game, unless you have some insane gaming skills.

New Menu Design & Upgrade System Short Clip


If you choose to complete all the objectives in a level, such as defeating all the enemies, finding and collecting all the chests, you will be rewarded at the end of that level. Also there is something called as “Mystery Urn”, a buff system I have designed for Maeldor. Each Mystery Urn contains a different kind of power to make your character stronger and gives you benefits over your enemies. So I strongly encourage you to tap into that inner explorer of yours!

Mystery Urns Short Clip


First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking your time to read this quite a long devlog. As I have mentioned before, I am a solo developer and being a solo developer means that the road I have chosen for myself is tough, as many of you may already know. I am working in a daily job for 6 hours and trying to work on my game at least a 4 hours a day. My main objective is to create a game that is memorable and fun to play, and share a dream of mine with others. Even though I have been working on it for more than 2 years, you will probably be able to finish it within a day, if determined and enjoying enough, but I hope to make every minute of that gameplay for you to fun and engaging.

You might ask me why it is called "Enhanced Edition", and the reason is that, I first builded a mini mobile version of it and shared on places like play store and itch to get some initial feedback since this is my first big project as a solo dev, I wanted to get some feedback first before going forward, but that version is not available at the moment since I have made lots and lots of progress after, yet I got quite a good feedback for it, even some mobile game magazine websites shared an article about it and some youtubers played it on YouTube. I realized much later that, I didn't have to name it like "Enhanced Edition", but at that time it seemed like a good idea so that was the reason.

I respect a lot to all the game developers who work hard just like myself, so that being said, my main motivation along this tough journey is you. Your feedback and encouragement is my main motivation and I really really appreciate it. So if you are interested in my game, please do give me some initial feedback. Believe me, that is what keeps me going everyday, and thanks in advance!

Wishlist Maeldor on Steam

Also don't forget to follow me on Twitter, or chat with me on Discord, and also visit my Blog to read some short stories if interested! Until we met in another devlog, have fun!

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