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This tells about SCP-1903's childhood loss & ever since.

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Ten years ago, me and my brother got left behind, our father was killed, originally, my name was John and originally, my brother's name was Micheal, but to prevent death, we had to change our names to the name that the SCP Foundation gave us. I am SCP-1903 and my brother is SCP-1903-B, and we are one of the top 100 strongest. My original nickname was The Humanoid Demon, but now it's The Strongest.

Ten years ago, I was 10 years old, and the day so far was perfectly normal, until the hooded man came, he killed my father, and destroyed the city. Me and my brother tried to protect the city with all that we could, but we failed. As tears went down my face, I ran and ran killing a lot of demon soldiers along the way. Then, I saw a little building that was filled with orphan demon children, like me. I dropped down, as I cried in front of the building, and I was let inside to return to the normal life.

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