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Improved GUI, added features, improved AI, and STARTED graphical updates!

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So the GUI that I was getting drag'd into was more or less a temporary thing, and honestly, pretty costly. I've switched over entirely to a more flexible and easy to use system. It makes adding new menus and so forth a breeze so I can stay working on important things.

I've gotten around to letting the player bring the suspect back to be ID'd by the victim! That means if you are unsure you can detain the person, take them back, and have them checked out - rather then taking the risk of rolling the dice. You can also now search people whenever. Later attempting to search someone for no reason ( no probable cause), will yield negative points even if something is found.

AI now drop a larger range of items that the player can find on searching them.

The AI has been completely rip'd apart and redone. This is a good thing. Before, it all lived in one main file (that was getting rather large). I've broken it down into smaller portions, more manageable "classes" if you will. It allows a more stable functional AI since there is less risk of changing something you don't want to, its easier and faster to read, and makes adding new class behaviors down the road all that much more easier.

Lastly, I've started to make the slow process of updating the graphics. I don't have much money - so this will be done rather slowly, but I've located some people that can help!

Feel free to check out a the temp home of The Beat.

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