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Alpha 0.4.10 released. Important features include parties (grouping), skeletons, and bug fixes!

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Alpha 0.4.10 released. Important features include parties (grouping), skeletons, and bug fixes!

This week mainly saw some large changes to the codebase to accommodate player formed parties, or groups. Players have a wide range of commands for managing parties, and communicating within the party. Players are unable to attack members of the same party, and may heal party members by feeding them (hover over player unit frame in party window while pressing the food item's action button hotkey). With this in mind, all food now has a use range of 5 tiles.

A new party frame UI window was added as well:

Party / Grouping (Still)
Party / Grouping (Animation)

Skeletons were also added as NPCs:


There are a few known issues with this release:

  • Occasionally when loading into the game or when entering or exiting an instance, the game will lock up. This can usually be fixed by simply logging in again.
  • Movement with the keyboard is currently jerky and uneven.
  • Movement with the keyboard can sometimes stick, making your character move in a direction even after you have released the key. This can be rectified by simply pressing and releasing the key that corresponds to the movement direction that your character is stuck in.

The full changelog is listed below:

  • Party unit frame is now aware of player health changes and player online status.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.unitFrame.PartyFrame.hasMember() to client side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.unitFrame.PartyFrame.healthChanged() to client side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.unitFrame.PartyFrame.playerConnected() to client side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.unitFrame.PartyFrame.playerDisconnected() to client side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.unitFrame.PartyFrame.playerJoinedInstance() to client side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.unitFrame.PartyFrame.playerLeftInstance() to client side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.unitFrame.PartyFrame.playerInstanceChanged() to client side API.
  • Game client now keeps track of your current instance id.
  • Added two character aliases for all party maintenance console commands.
  • Added a range of 5 to all food items.
  • Roast Mutton’s cooldown increased to 3 seconds (heals for 35).
  • Beef Steak’s cooldown increased to 3 seconds (heals for 35).
  • Roast Pork’s cooldown increased to 3 seconds (heals for 35).
  • Roast Chicken’s cooldown increased to 2 seconds (heals for 25).
  • Baked Potato’s cooldown remains at 1 second (heals for 10).
  • Consume food command now takes the party unit frame’s mouse over target into account when food consumption is attempted. This means that if you hover over a party member’s unit frame while hitting the food item’s action button or hotkey, you will feed them instead of yourself.
  • You are no longer capable of directly attacking a member of your own party.
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.item.Item.getToolRange() to server side API.
  • Added human skeleton art assets and NPC definition.
  • Added ONLINE_FLAG to CharacterSerializer.
  • Added net.lugdunon.character.PlayerCharacter.isOnline property to client side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.Window class to client side codebase.
  • Added net.lugdunon.input.Input.offsetX(e) and net.lugdunon.input.Input.offsetY(e) to help calculate offsets.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.settingsMenu.settings.Setting.getSetting(id,defaultvalue) and net.lugdunon.ui.settingsMenu.settings.Setting.saveSetting(id,value) to client side API. These provide a generic way to get and set settings values.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.unitFrame.UnitFrame.html def to client side codebase.
  • Unit frames now populate properly with character portrait, name, and health bar.
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.character.party.Party to server side codebase.
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.character.party.PartyManager to server side codebase.
  • Added net.lugdunon.character.party.Party to client side codebase.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.unitFrame.PartyFrame to client side codebase.
  • Added game.unitFrames property to client side API.
  • Began work on creating a client side moveable UI window class.
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.character.PlayerCharacter.isInParty() method to the server side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.character.PlayerCharacter.joinParty(Party party) method to the server side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.character.PlayerCharacter.leaveParty(Party party) method to the server side API.
  • Added party.leader.timeout config property to the server.cfg file. Defaults to 300000 (5 minutes in milliseconds).
  • Added /pcreate, /pdisband, /pleave, /pinvite, /pkick, /ppromote, /p, and /party console commands.
  • Fixed LUGDUNON-285. Error was caused by referencing the offsetX property of the event (which is undefined in FF).
  • Fixed LUGDUNON-253. Caused by indiscriminate client logging in the default character stats class and player advancement command.
  • Fixed LUGDUNON-267 by adding prompt on window unload begins and also filter key events based on whether or not an input is focused.
  • Don’t allow free move in edit mode.
  • Added fullName field to crafting disciplines object.
  • Fixed issues with crafting section in inventory dialog.
  • Added game.getLatency() to clientside API. Returns the latency betweeen client and server.
  • net.lugdunon.state.item.action.IActionHandler.invokeCooldownAsWeapon() now factors latency into cooldown.
  • net.lugdunon.state.item.action.IActionHandler.invokeCooldownAsTool() now factors latency into cooldown.
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