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Summary of this week's additions and changes to the game.

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This week one big area that we focused on was improving combat. During playtesting, we received a lot of comments about combat feeling awkward and some good ideas for how to improve it. We also noticed that people were having a lot of difficulties defeating enemies in some areas. So, this week we focused on enhancing the trident stab with new sprites and editing the colliders to make them more forgiving. We also improved combat with enemies by adding a health bar so that players have a better idea of when and how much damage they do to enemies.


Another awesome thing that we added to our game this week was voice acting! We put out a casting call and had many submissions, and after careful consideration, we decided on a few voice actors. We created a script for them and had them record their lines, then added them to the game! Our motivation for this was to immerse players into the story further by having them not need to read all of the dialogue. It also helps to give our characters more personality and make the game more interesting overall. We are very excited about this, thank you so much to our voice actors Platinum-Experience and Alison Prophet.

dialogue 1

dialogue 2

The final new addition to our game this week is a boss fight! Our story concludes by discovering a secret about the fish that leads our two characters to fight- to the death! We added a new scene where the two characters face off in a battle highlighting their two strengths. Our motivation for adding the boss fight was to not only reveal the fish’s hidden motives but to allow the fish player to finally engage in some combat, as well as it overall being a fun ending!

boss fight

Next week will be our final week to develop our game before the showcase. We plan to put the final touches on the game and make sure everything makes sense and has good guidance. We also plan to make any necessary improvements to the boss fight that we discover after playtesting. We are looking forward to having a fully completed game!

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