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Post news RSS 0.4 is released! Here is the changelog

0.4 is submitted! If it is not yet available it will be shortly. Many changes have been made in this update including a redesign of much of the UI which hopefully makes the game easier to play. This article will outline the major changes!

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So 0.4 is released. If it is not yet available for download it will be shortly. The main focus of this update was content as there were not many bugs reported so hopefully you will notice big differences in the game.

This release of the game is going to be featured in a bundle on indiebundle.org, so if you got the game from that bundle, you can use the key provided to redeem the game.


  • Complete redesign of the main menu
  • Redesigned the crafting screen
  • Redesigned the gear screen
  • UI screens can now be re-positioned by dragging their top corner
  • ‘C' key now toggles crafting screen
  • ‘G' key now toggles gear screen
  • ‘E' key opens all UI screens
  • ‘Z' key toggles character control
  • Sword icon in the ‘Bag' slider toggles gear screen
  • Bag icon in the ‘Bag' slider toggles the crafting screen
  • Added game controls to help screen
  • Updated help screen articles
  • Updated grass and dirt sprite
  • If you mouse-over an enemy their health bar is shown
  • Added berry bushes that can be harvested as food
  • Berry and Flax plants now get harvested and will re-grow unless destroyed
  • Hovering over an item will display its name
  • Replaced the in-game font
  • Added music that will play periodically in game

So those are the major changes that can be found in this update. Lot's of changes have also been made 'under the hood' so the game should be more stable. If you find any bugs then please either leave me a comment on Samphi's profile or PM me, it really helps!


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