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**PLEASE READ IF YOU EXPERIENCE THE RESOLUTION BUG WITH THE STANDALONE DOWNLOAD** 0.3 is out! There were more bugs to fix that had originally anticipated so less new content has been added than I would have liked, however you will still notice a fare few changes. This article will outline these changes!

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I am not sure if everyone will experience this bug but it has been happening to me:

When i run the game created from the standalone installer download it runs at 640 * 480. This is not set in the game settings and runs fine from GameMaker and the Desura install. I hope this is just an issue with my own PC but it has a very simple fix anyway.

Right click the game shortcut on your desktop and select Properties >> Go to the compatibility tab >> uncheck "Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution".

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where pressing craft arrows with no items in the craft bin would crash the game
  • Fixed bug with the bow when a game was loaded when you have it equip (it used to flicker mid screen)
  • Fixed bug with the ladders that allowed you to fly (it was cool but would cause the game to break)
  • Fixed bug where corn would not be destroyed if you destroyed the blocks it was on
  • Fixed bug where a dirt block would become indestructible if you planted a tree sapling on it
  • Fixed bug where dog got stuck in walking animation if you set it to stay while it's moving
  • Fixed bug where water was using LOTS of system resources
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't select the item that you were crafting in the crafting screen
  • PARTIALLY fixed bug where if you built a line of single blocks horizontally their sprites would screw up
  • Fixed bug where items in the main invent were still visible when you went to the skills tab
  • Fixed bug where the bow item would still be visible if you went back to the main menu


  • Redesigned much of the UI including in-game setting screen - Let me know which one you prefer?
  • Implemented the basis of the XP system
  • Increased fire rate of the bow
  • Did lots of work on the Day/Night cycle. Added a sun and moon that rise/set like normal
  • When you save the game, it now saves the daytime as well
  • Various sprite updates throughout the game
  • Added critical hit on slime (You hit them when they are mid-jump)
  • Added a block guide when building that shows where your block will be placed
  • Added timer that tracks how long it takes to complete each wave - Doesn't do anything with that info yet but will in later builds
  • Removed torches from this build as they were too buggy and unstable
  • Added a shortcut icon to open your inventory
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