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So there were a few bugs that i wanted to fix straight away, and couldn't wait until patch 0.3. Enter 0.2.5.

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This is only a really small patch but fixed 2 bugs that i felt i shouldn't wait until 0.3 to fix.

One of these is that when controlling the dog, if you walked too far away from the player you were transferred back to him/her. This pretty much made the dog unplayable.

The other main bug was that there was a glitch when crafting a bow .... you couldn't. I released when i was just playing the game for a bit that whenever i selected the bow i had just crafted it was destroyed, the item icon wasn't created. The bow and sword (test implementation) are the only weapons currently in the game so i wanted to fix this.

So that is the reason why i have released 0.2.5 so shortly after 0.2. There are also a few things that were suppose to be implemented in 0.3 that have found there way into this patch but they were all minor changes so no harm done.

Anyway, if you find anymore bugs/suggestions/criticism leave a message on here or through the feedback form on my website www.greenygames.com..

Enjoy the game :)


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